I had an "emergency" appointment on May 23rd this year. My last root canal was when I was 9 years old. That appointment took a couple of hours and as a result I have hated the dentist ever since (it is the only thing that makes me anxious in life these days). I am 53 now, and I went in on the 23rd expecting the worst, again. I wanted to be "put under" or have valium, etc, but that would have required a reschedule. I went ahead with the procedure. I was "in the chair" for about 30 minutes. Dr. Patel and Marie were AMAZING! I think that was the first time they have asked "How was that?" after a root canal and had the response "That was wonderful!" They both stopped in their tracks and laughed. I told them they had both renewed my trust in the dental arts. 🙂 If I need another root canal I will go to Dr. Patel, no doubt. Their ability to comfort and reassure me was wonderful. The office was really nice, and all of the staff are the nicest people. Pain free in 24 hours. Not at ALL how I remembered it from when I was 9. I guess there has been progress in the last 44 years. 🙂

- Brett B

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