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5 out of 5 stars based on 73 reviews.

Patient Review By Gary D

Absolutely a pleasant experience. Everything was perfect. Skilled, pleasant, caring and fair pricing. I’ve been myself or taken family to all different types teeth Doctors. Dr. Patel is one I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Truly a first class professional ! Dr. Patel even personally called me the evening after the root canal to check on me. I rate him - 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

- Gary D

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Patient Review By Alison F

I had a painful tooth for over a month and the moment I knew that I needed a root canal I called over to Dr. Patel's office. They were able to juggle some appointments and get me in the next day. The procedure was done and I immediately felt better. I didn't even need any pain medication at night. Great experience. Who says that for a root canal?

- Alison F

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Patient Review By Tammy V

I am one of those people who is very nervous going to the dentist--much less a specialist. But Dr. Patel put me at such ease. He made me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. And he is so efficient! I expected to be in his dental chair for quite some time. But when he told me he'd be wrapped up in 10 minutes, I couldn't believe it! It's like God heard my prayers and answered them. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff. You will be grateful you selected this practice to get you through your anxiety-producing and painful dental problems.

- Tammy V

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Patient Review By Michele D

Dr. Patel and his friendly staff are wonderful! They are professional, accommodating and understanding. Dr. Patel listened to my problem and explain in clear and plain terms what was the best course of treatment. My tooth area has healed well and I am now pain-free! I highly recommend Highlands Ranch Endodontics!

- Michele D

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Patient Review By Nadya V

If you need a place to get a root canal, you've found the perfect place to go! Dr. Patel and staff have been incredibly kind, knowledgable and professional during my appointments. I would have never thought that getting a root canal would have felt "comfortable", but Dr. Patel and his assistants made it a quick and painless procedure. I was really impressed by all of the staff. From the receptionist, dental assistant to Dr. Patel himself, everyone was incredibly sweet and helpful. Dr. Patel even called me after the procedure to check in and make sure that there were no issues. I'm so grateful I came here to take care of my tooth.

- Nadya V

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Patient Review By Victoria B

If you are in need of a "Root Canal" then Highlands Ranch Endodontics is the right place to go, Doctor Patel was very gentle and caring throughout the whole procedure. His staff are friendly and knowledgeable from the receptionist to his assistant, they have turned an apprehensive situation into a great experience. Thank You!

- Victoria B

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Patient Review By Len W

Dr. Patel and his staff are excellent. It is hard to say that getting a root canal is pleasant, but this was about as close to pleasant as possible. From the first encounter with Dr. Patel's staff until the end of the procedure, everyone was extremely nice and professional. This was easier than getting my teeth cleaned!

- Len W

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Patient Review By Margaret M

My experience with Dr. Patel and his entire team was remarkable. The office is inviting, the staff proficient and caring, and Dr. Patel is knowledgeable and confidence inspiring. The very best.

- Margaret M

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Patient Review By Robin T

This office is amazing ! They have been seeing our family for years and are always so gracious and caring. They make having a dental procedure a breeze! Thank you.

- Robin T

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Patient Review By Erin W

If you have to have a root canal or any other type of work Dr. Patel is your man. He and his staff are over the top. Professional, friendly, helpful, caring. I'm a wimp when it comes to dental work. But, Dr. Patel and staff eased my anxiety. They told me what they were doing, how much longer, made sure I was comfortable. He and his assistant work so smoothly together. No more pain for me. I'll never go anywhere else.

- Erin W

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Patient Review By Christine H

Dr. Patel got me in same day after seeing my dentist for acute pain. Dr. Patel examined my tooth and quickly determined the crack was too extensive and a root canal would only be a band aid. Dr. Patel and his assistant are TOP NOTCH! They explained everything and even though I'm now recovering from an extraction that I was sent back to my dentist to do after Dr. Patel's staff even called back making my appointment for me, I am grateful for his diagnosis which was right on when the tooth came out.

- Christine H

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Patient Review By Luke M

I was nervous about my root canal as it was the first time I've had one. I was also skeptical about the 3D scan however it truly helped Dr Patel locate my canal and treat it effectively. Regular x-rays did not show there was any canal left which potentially required an implant. The 3D scan Dr Patel did located a residual canal and he was able to restore my tooth rather than the expensive alternative. Staff was beyond helpful and returned calls promptly. I also never waited past my appointment time. Dr Patel was professional, kind, and explained the procedure clearly which put my mind at ease.

- Luke M

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Patient Review By Ember B

I was able to get into the office on a last minute notice, the staff were SUPER friendly, and Dr. Patel was professional and quick. Great experience overall.

- Ember B

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Patient Review By Judy S

I was very impressed with Dr. Patel and all the staff who helped me at Highlands Ranch Endodontics. Everyone is kind, caring and friendly. I was pleasantly surprised with my experience in having a root canal. I was able to make an appointment to have the procedure completed quickly. Dr. Patel was so quick doing the procedure, reassuring which made me feel less anxious and I didn't have an uncomfortable experience. I recommend anyone to Dr. Patel who needs to have an endo procedure, and if I need another procedure, I will certainly return. Thank you Dr. Patel and all the staff who helped me.

- Judy S

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Patient Review By Samuel J

I was nervous because i have never had to have a root canal done before. Dr. Patel and Staff made it very comfortable and quick. I had no pain at all didn’t feel a thing they numb you up very good and I didn’t even feel the needle . Dr Patel’s Skill level is very good I would recommend to anyone suffering with tooth pain .

- Samuel J

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Patient Review By Nicole B

I would recommend this office. I am hard to get numb, but I felt NO discomfort. I was amazed at how fast it went and how calm they made me feel. They explained everything very well. I am so glad that my dentist sent me to this office. The best dental care!

- Nicole B

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Patient Review By Kelly P

Dr. Patel was so kind to my daughter and did a great job explaining all that she needed. I was so amazed when he personally called to check on her that evening at 8:30pm. He truly cares about his patients!

- Kelly P

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Patient Review By Kelly T

Dr Patel and his staff were wonderful. I loved being able to fill out my paperwork online ahead of time. When I had my root canal procedure I would describe Dr Patel as having “the velvet touch,” no discomfort, no pain and was done in an expedient manner. I highly recommend Dr. Patel for root canal therapy.

- Kelly T

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Patient Review By Jim H

Dr Patel and Staff are AMAZING!!! I would recommend them for all Endo treatments...they are very knowledgeable and personable! They explained each treatment in detail and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process!!

- Jim H

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Patient Review By Laura P

Dr Patel is very professional and good at what he does. I felt I was in capable hands. Jackie is very sweet and welcoming. Sherri took time to explain and and answer all my questions. I highly recommend this doctor. If I need an Endodontic I will come back.

- Laura P

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